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How to participate and contribute to the CorpWars Production.


Want to sponsor BBE in their desperate work of action?

Census Card and the benifits

Applying for EC citizenship

Wanting to be part of the opposition? CAS (Council of Aligned Systems) still requires EC citizenship


So, you have decided to become a
Citizen.All Citizens are considered cradle to grave employees whose duty is to be productive and dedicated to their corporation. In return, the corporation takes care of it's own, providing every Citizen their basic needs, education, jobs and military protection.

 CGI artist,
 Concept artist,
 Sound designer and Audio Mixers,
 Video Editors


Citizens without an IMDB page

 Voice Actors,
 Motion capture actors,


Citizens with an IMDB page

 Voice Actors,
 Motion capture actors,


At some point there will be information on how to get an IMDB page

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