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For those goodies CorpWars is where you will want to go.

The internet as a website. Gone are the days of an individual website which one would use as a repository for all their nic-nacs, the individuals website is now the whole shared internet. It is this approuch that lends itself to 'Progressive Story' telling.

'Progressive Story'.

CorpWars is what is called a 'Progressive Story' designed to have diferent levels of immeresivness wholly dependent on the viewer.

The story is designed to provide the opportunity for anyone the contribute their stories adding to the richness of the experience for everyone. which inheriently means that the story will never be finished

What is an
Open Movie
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The information in this tab is related to te Creative Commons tab


Name   CorpWars

Type   Multimedia progressive series

CC License   Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Sources available   Partial - by request only from material used in finished video.

Open Source Movie   Partial

Commercial reuse?   Conditional by request to protect Citizens and their work

Before I go much farther I do have to say that much of the thought and effort put into this section has already been done by Riot Cinema Collective with their project
'The Cosmonaut'
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As creators, the goal has been to make elements of this project as asccessible as possible to the viewing audience.


YOU CAN SHAREOverall 'If you like it, buy it'.

For those wanting to share we consider you to be our ambassadors of promotion and thus we encourage you to share.

You don't make money by sharing, you save the cost for our advertising.
KEEP THE SAME LICENSEIf you alter or transform the piece, or if you generate a derived piece, you can only distribute it under the same license as the original.
NO DERIVATIVESThe 'No Derivatives' attribute allows for sharing but the work can't be changed Full credit must be given to original creator of the work by stating name and title of the original work, also include the 'No Derivatives' logo.
ATTRIBUTIONDon't distribute the content of CorpWars without giving full credit to the original work to it's creators.
YOU CAN REMIXYou can re-edit or alter the CorpWars Story, without reverse engineering, to create new versions or use it in your own pieces as long as full credit for the original work is given to the creators.
NON COMMERCIALCommercial use is prohibited without our prior consent.
ADDITIONAL PERMISSIONSSome assets used in the creation of the CorpWars Story have been licensed to CorpWars Producton which are not transferable such as; stock footage, background images, sounds and music. Use the License Guide for farther information.




This project is licensed under
Creative CommonsThis is in regards to CorpWars Story (finished product) and is not covered under the CorpWars Production agreement (intellectual Property Agreement).
. This means that we can ask you to help us by sharing as long as you don't make money from it, directly or
indirectly We do have provisions that allow you to make money with our work, please contact us making your initial investment measured in time
. Remixing by choosing different video clips, audio clips different from what the editors choose. You can use images of landscapes, backgrounds in your personal project.

Be aware that there are aspects of the production that are not owned by BBE and so permission from 'Citizens' will be needed. we have a license guide that we hope will make it easier.

The thinking is, if you don't make money from our work, neither do we. If you make money from our work, we share it.


The content and policies of this website can and does change without notice, please refer to Change Log page for latest website changes, additions and updates


What is the difference between CorpWars Production
Intellectual Property AgreementIPA deals with Digital Assets used in the production of the CorpWars Story and fall under the CC Additional Permission.
and the BBE CC
Uses and LicensingThis defines the use of the CorpWars Story as a finished work of art.

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