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What if a hostile takeover really was hostile?

It is the year 2515 and it's considered treasonous to have knowledge of Earth. an uninhabitable planet no longer secured to the sun by it's gravity, excised from the pages of history, even by First Nations, who led the exodus five hundred years ago.

Now, forty three billion people strong, occupying nine planets, it is the age of the Corporation and all that comes with it, industrial espionage, corporate raids and military service.

All Citizens are considered cradle to grave employees whose duty is to be productive and dedicated to their corporation. In return, the corporation takes care of it's own, providing every Citizen their basic needs, education, jobs and military protection.

From within the corporation the expectational are destined to study at one of the seven academies as instituted by Earth Corp. The Academy of science, astronomy, engineering, ecology, alternative intelligence, biology and the far reaching academy of social philosophy, responsible for objective oversight of nominal laws, corporate initiatives, individual policies.

For those longing for a different life; a religion based on the Sayle, worshiping the carnivorous plant life, believed to produce a strange energy that permeates the galaxy.

For a rare few, known as Voiders, who have no need for comfort or solace that corporate protection provides, they embrace the void of space, capitalizing on hostile tensions between different corporations, creating niches for themselves as interstellar pilots, information brokers, clone smugglers, contract mercenaries, armed couriers and the despised Earthers.

The economic future looks prosperous for Voiders and Citizens a like.

It is not long before the growing shadows on the horizon becomes a threat that no insuruance company would underwrite.


Welcome to CorpWars.









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